Friday, November 20, 2009

SA living for 3 weeks!

Hey guys,
Howz it?!
So, I've now been in South Africa for 3 weeks. Deffinately feels longer though. Since I last wrote I have been up to loads. We had the Cameroon staff xmas party where we went for dinner then went on to this great club FTV (Fashion TV). Was a great night and once again was totally paninied! Had to work on Friday which was hell, I was very delicate.
Then on Sat night it was the re-opening of a big club in Joburg called Taboo. My cousins, Friends and I were invited to the Pre VIP party at 8pm and then the club was to open to everyone else at 10.30. After doing 4 shots of vodka at my cousins house, we got to Taboo at 8.30. I was once again smashed. It was such a fab night though. There was even a tattoo stand inside and due to my drunkeness I nearly got one. Yet I didn't. Mother can breathe! We stayed until 2ish.
The next day was spent with 8 of my little cousins, 3 of the older ones and one aunt. Was a fun day. We went to the flea market then took the kids to the arcade. Kept them amused for hours.
Since then I have been working every day and seeing friends and family. At the moment Im ill which isnt fun but im gettin better.
Missing you all.
Please send me messages regarding anything..

Loves ya..

Little Miss V..xx

Monday, November 9, 2009

South Africa living!

Hey guys
So sorry i have not recently updated.. I have been so busy. I don't even know where to start!
So, I started working at my cousins clothes shop in Joburg called Cameroon. Its a really nice shop with awesome clothes.
I went to see my cousin who I had not seen for 9 years which was awesome and also met her 4 kids in which she has had in those 4 years so that was great.
Went clubbing last Sat and got totally barstooled and fell asleep in the club!
I went to the theatre to see "knights of music" which was really nice. Then went to the casino and won 400rand which is about 33pounds! wooop!
Saturday night I went to the theatre and saw Cats which was good and on Sunday I went to the Dam which is an area 45 mins away from Joburg where my cousins own a house on the lake. It was so stunning there, so peaceful and calm and so hot aswel. After a boiling day there was a massive thunder storm which was mad as the lightning was going off 5 places at once, splitting the sky. I have never seen such a thing in my life.

Life in SA is very different to home. They live behind gates and security alarms and guards. In London, if we wanna go out we can get cabs, in SA, they don't they drive everywhere even if drinking. If we wanna go home, we unlock one door with a key. The open a garage door, unlock a gate, unlock the door then put the alarm on. It is mad. People stand in the roads begging for money, clothes, food, anything. Women will even sit on a curb with their babies its awful.

I am having loads of fun though and enjoying my time away.
Missing everyone at home and answering all your quetions. Dont forget to message me anything. Will try update again soon guys. But, for now.. peace out..

Loves yA..

Little Miss V..xx

Friday, October 30, 2009

Im In Saffa Land.. Howz IT!?

Hey Yall,
So, Im in South Africa!!
Where to start.... Well, currently im sittin in the study in my cousins house which rocks. It is stunning.
But lets go back...
So, My mum, sister, bestie Amy and my puppy Milo took me to the airport. My suitcase was wayyyy overweight but the lovely lady let it go, hand luggage on the pther hand she didn't and I had to remove items!
Said my goodbyes and got extremely emotioal and started crying. Then im standing waiting to have my bags checked and I realise I don't have my camera so I burst out crying. People were staring at me hard!
Went through, got a few bits and bobs then on board the flight. Now, I hate planes! I hate the smell, the feel, the look, the uncomfortableness, everything!
As I got on, I told an air stewardess I was not a good flyer and was by myself. Then, started crying again. Then an air steward called Paul came to talk to me and looked after me. He calmed me down with juice and wise words! He actually sat with me for take off aswel. So, by myself for a ten hour flight when you hate planes is not fun. I had a window seat, a girl called Nicola (who was so sweet) had the end seat and the middle was free!
My mum gave me some herbal sleeping pills but then didn't help me sleep. They relaxed me but made me uber emotional and I cried at everything. I watched the film "Up" and even cried watching that and its an animated pixar movie.
Had some dinner then managed to sleep on and off for two hours and watched two other films aswel. Virgin had a great collection. Finally, after 10 hours we landed and I couldn't have been more happy. I thanked all the staff who were so lovely to me, including Paul, a stewardess called Kate and a HOT steward called John. He was gay. GUTTED!
Got my luggage and came through to see my cousin waiting for me. Having a cigerette after 12 hours was amazing!
Came back to my cousins house which is stunnning and slept for a few hours. My cousins maid, Patience is so sweet she keeps wanting to do things for me which is weird. Im used to my mum begging me to get off my arse and do something!
Now blogging away then gonna unpack and go for dinner with the family..
Peace for now.. Miss u all..

Little Miss V..xx

Monday, October 26, 2009

X Factor Madness!

Hi Friends!
So, I am very upset Miss Frank were booted off the X factor this week! I thought they were great and Graziella (the rapper) is cousins of a friend of mine, so I voted for them. They really do have talent and I hope they continue to perform together!
Danyl, seems to be a favourite of a lot of people so was surprising that he was also in the bottom two. Personally, I don't like him. The way he sings out of the side of his mouth annoys me, he is arrogant and his voice just is not for me. But don't get me wrong, I do not think he deserved to be in the bottom two.
How did Lloyd and the Jedward TWAT twins get through? I have to say, Lloyds performance wasn't too bad but the twins... OH MY! They are ridiculous! I can't tell the two apart but which ever one wore the red outfit on Saturday night, was completely out of time and had no rhythm and had to copy his twin in the bogey colour suit the WHOLE time. Who is actually voting for them!? Im assuming some sort of coke whore and mentally issued people.. Oh, and Peaches Geldof! They have no talent! Fine, they may be funny & entertaining, but this is the X Factor, a singing competition.. Not a "lets entertain the country" competition. Personally, I think its a fix! There is no way everyone in the UK is still voting for them.
They were getting so much bad press, the presenters were told to be EXTREMELY nice to them while on camera. So, if you watch closely, youll see Dermot on the live show big them up and Holly on Xtra Factor does too. Its ridiculous.
Any way, DO NOT vote for them!!
What was Rachel all about?! Her outfit was HOT but is it just me or was she trying to be like Stacey? With the dappy act going on!
I have to say, Stacey Soloman deffo has my vote. She rocks. Her personality is great and she can sing and she is just so down to earth. Her and Jamie Afro have my vote the whole way..

Any way, Have a great day peeps..

Loves Ya..

Little Miss V..xx