Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Loving.. I'll Have Me A Blast!!

Good afternoon dolls!
How are we all doing?
Im sorry for lack of blogging recently.. so much goes on in my weird and wonderful life!

So, is summer finally here? The weekend was an absolute delight! It got up to 31 degrees in London town and I myself could not be happier!
I am a summer baby. I love the sun, the heat and the fun that happens in the sun and heat :-P
I was lucky enough to chill by my friends swimming pool on the hot weekend and get myself a nice tan. I did burn slightly, but a week later, im looking brown & hot :-)

The great thing about the sun too is everybody decides to have BBQ's! I attended two on Sunday which was great fun! To be honest, theres nothing I enjoy more than being at a BBQ with nice weather, good music and great company and I had that at both!

So, things are looking good right now and I have exciting things to look forward to. This Sunday im attending Wireless festival with the likes of Wiley, Roll Deep, Lily Allen, Professer Green, Slash and Jay Z. My best friend Richard bought me a ticket for my birthday and theres about 20 of us going there, I couldn't be more excited!

On the 18th of July, I am doing the Race For Life run/walk on behalf of Cancer Research. Should be a nice day and its for a good cause. For those of you who would like to sponsor me, you can via

So, with summer here and festivals, I thought this may be a good time to help you all with things you can do/use in the heat etc.

** If you are going to be tanning, BE CAREFUL. Unlike me who thought the sun wasn't strong and got burnt, you need to use a good sun protecter. Try at least a 15 on olive skin like mine and for those paler vampire Edward Cullen types, use a 20 or more.

** ALWAYS keep hydrated. Drink LOTS of water. H20 H20 H20!!

** Wear a hat! Especially if it gets very hot, you dont want your head burning which can lead to sunstroke! Also you can get gorgeous straw hats which are a festival favourite!

** Use protection on your lips as well. You might not know this but the sun can burn your lips. Use an SPF lip balm. Even Palmers do a delicious coco butter one!

My festival handbag will be small but ill be sure to have Vaseline for my lips, Baby wipes as you don't know what your touching and who touched it last, Anti bacterial hand gel as the porta cabin loo's dont usually have taps to wash your hands, a toilet roll as once again the porta loo's are gross, plasters as im a walking accident and a camera to catch every single moment!!

I hope you've all enjoyed todays blog and if you are going to any festivals.. enjoy and rockkkk onnnn!!

Lots of love..

Little Miss V.. xx

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